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There Is A Couch In My front Yard

There Is A Couch In My front Yard

There is a couch in my front yard and as if that is not bad enough it is raining. My husband is laughing as I lament our slow decline into what my elders used to delicately refer to as “white trash.”

The only thing worse than a couch on your porch is one on your lawn. When the neighbors drive by and slow down a bit to stare I cringe. A little piece of my dignity dies. This is a humiliation I can…

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50 Things About Me You Wish You Never Knew

50 Things About Me You Wish You Never Knew

My friend Marianne from We Band of Mothers asked me to answer theses 50 questions about myself.

You might want to stop reading right now. Go back to folding laundry, drinking coffee, and staring out the window. Do not give up 5 minutes of your life reading this list.  Trust me. This is not fit reading material…not even for the bathroom. You will learn things about me you wish you never knew. I…

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I’m Not The Kind Of Mother I Imagined I Would Be

I’m Not The Kind Of Mother I Imagined I Would Be

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the kind of mother I am. I’m not the kind of mother I imagined I would be. I’m not even the kind of mother I like to pretend to be. I’m not saying I am a bad mother or a good mother. Only time will tell. I’m just saying I am not the mother I thought I’d be.

In my mind I am all sacrificing. I put my family first at all times. My own dreams and ambitions are on…

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Bouquet From The Garden

Bouquet From The Garden

I decided to try painting a flower bouquet in a glass vase. I haven’t painted glass in a while and thought it might be an interesting challenge. I definitely could use more practice.

I’ve really been embracing the resist style of painting for the last two paintings. It’s becoming my “style” so to speak. I use a lot of masking fluid to keep the whites white. I use a big, beat up, bristles going…

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My Tiny Fairy Watercolor Painting

My Tiny Fairy Watercolor Painting

I found a photograph of Tiny-Small carrying a bouquet of flowers and decided to use her as a model for a fairy painting. In the photo she looks like she is really struggling with a giant flower bouquet. She is leaning forward, almost as if she is carrying a heavy sack, with the flowers flung over her shoulder. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her.

My Tiny- airy Watercolor Painting

My Tiny Fairy watercolor painting, 11X14.


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Morning Glory

I painted this morning glory painting in my car.  I might start doing all of my painting in the car! Nobody asks you to find their lost sock or to type something up for them when you are sitting in the car. The car appears to be an excellent work zone! It would be even better if my steering wheel were removable and the air conditioner could run for hours without depleting the battery…and if it…

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I painted pink hydrangea. This is day 20 of my 30 in 30 painting challenge and as you have (possibly) noticed I have been missing for almost a week. I am not sure I will ever catch up on the paintings at this point.

Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea 8×10 watercolor painting.

I’ve been sick and we had to travel for four days this week. I’d brought my watercolors with me thinking I’d paint in the car and at the…

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Get Off That Electronic Device, Young Lady!

Get Off That Electronic Device, Young Lady!

The other day when I was at the VA clinic waiting for Jim to have his hand examined (it turned out to not be broken, by the way) I was sitting in the waiting room with several people. Most of them were at least 30 years older than me. I made some small talk with the lady sitting next to me. As the people picked up their magazines and started reading I took out my cell phone and started working.


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I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition

I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition

When you paint every single day there are bound to be some bad paintings. This painting of an Iris just didn’t hit the mark with composition. It’s pretty boring. I think it’s too big for the paper and too centered too. It’s like a flower mug shot! Maybe I should put it on a mug?

Because I knew early on I wasn’t loving this painting I decided to just  mess around and add glazes of paint on the…

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Kale! Glorious Kale!

I painted Kale. Why not? I am always eating it these days so I can be extra healthy and super trendy. It’s the one fad I discovered in a timely manner and managed to grasp onto. Trust me, I am clinging to it like only my inner unpopular girl knows how. Eating kale is the only proof I have of being a little bit cool. I mean, I could be the poster child for crunchy, homesteading moms everywhere if…

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