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I’ll Be In The Shower When You Get Here

I’ll Be In The Shower When You Get Here

If I invite you over, I’ll be in the shower when you get here. It’s some kind of universal law. I am always the last to get ready because I’m running around picking up, trying to get Tiny-Small dressed, or trying to squeeze in a quick blog post before you arrive. Even when I am ahead of schedule and jump in the shower early, I’ll still be in the shower when you get here because, for some reason,…

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Pregnancy Makes Me Miserable

Pregnancy Makes Me Miserable

Pregnancy makes me miserable. 10 Steps I am taking to make this pregnancy better.

Pregnancy makes me miserable which is probably why it took me over four years to do it again. After Tiny-Small was born I told Jim all future children would be adopted. Seriously. So, now that I am pregnant again and making friends with the porcelain gods (yes, the toilets…all of them) I am remembering why I was not a fan of pregnancy.

Four years is just enough time to forget. Just enough time…

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Daffodils…so ready for Spring!

Daffodils…so ready for Spring!

Develop Your Presence.

Develop Your Presence.

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Yucca Sunset Painting - Landscape 11

Yucca Sunset Painting – Landscape 11

Yucca At Sunset -Landscape 11

Yucca Sunset Painting: Alcohol ink painting on a 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 ceramic tile.

This Yucca Sunset painting was fun to paint. I need to scan it into the computer to get a better photograph of it. Using the camera was difficult because it is super shiny and the reflections were impossible to conquer.

Anyway…on to other news!

I am kind of excited today because we went to the accountant to get our taxes…

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Goodbye, Winter - Landscapes Day 10

Goodbye, Winter – Landscapes Day 10

Goodbye, Winter! One last snow scene before I say goodbye to winter completely and dive into Spring. I am ready and I know you are too. We’ve had warmer weather for a while now so I can’t complain too much, at least as not as much as my friends back East can. They probably wanted to say, “Goodbye, Winter!” a few weeks ago.

Goodbye, Winter - Landscapes Day 11

Goodbye, Winter! An alcohol ink painting on a 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 ceramic tile.

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Melissa’s Rainbow - Landscapes Day 9

Melissa’s Rainbow – Landscapes Day 9

Melissa’s Rainbowis a painting I was going to save for St. Patrick’s Day, but then I just couldn’t wait six more days. I know, that is a really bad sign for my ability to delay gratification. I fear I would have been one of those kids that ate the marshmallow in the marshmallow study. Actually, as a kid, I probably was able to delay gratification for much longer. As an adult, I know life is…

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